Jessica And Ben|Engagement|

I absolutely LOVED capturing Jessica and Ben. Jessica and Ben are such free spirits and are truly best friends! Every connection you see captured in these images is 100% them, not me! I just was there to click the shutter button. It’s moments like these where I feel so honored to be able to capture couples. I always walk away from each session with new friends too like Jessica and Ben and I’m so excited to capture their wedding next summer!

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Rachel Haylie Photography,
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About Me

Hi! My name is Rachel and I love the mixture of simplicity and spontaneity. I love the little things in life and this means I love empty beaches, laughing, pastel-hued buildings, watercolor paintings, the smell of lilacs, giving my bunny veggies, and most of all capturing moments with both digital and film cameras.

Photography has always been a deep passion of mine. I find the whole process, not just finished images, enticing . It’s the little details that inspire me so greatly and the relationships I get to invest in every time I meet a newly engaged couple. I leave each session/wedding smiling from ear to ear because I LOVE getting to know your story. I love getting to capture the smile creases and laughter between two best friends who have decided to do life together. Light, joy and love are all the things my heart strives to capture when I meet each couple. I get the chance to capture these very things in the most authentic memorable way. Being a photographer allows me to see ordinary things in a new way. It helps me to not get adjusted and used to the everyday beauties around me.

The birds in the sky fluttering and dancing, clouds floating by in shades of pastel, The glimmer of light beams breaking through to the forest ground, all of these things are so worth noticing and they inspire me tremendously. With couples this is the same kind of light and joy I desire to find during sessions. I adore taking clients on day road trips to beautiful locations in Oregon for their engagement session. By lacing together natural light, love and nature, a beautiful story unfolds and I am honored that my job is to capture all of this. I’m so thrilled that you’re hear reading this and would love to have coffee with you and discuss your vision in hopes that we both leave feeling inspired and excited for this chapter in your life.

My dear friend Hannah Forsberg said it well,

“I photograph because I love. I love because He loved me. I am humbled and count it a joy that I so often am given the privilege to enter the lives of so many, creating things that hold meaning and capturing things that are worth remembering.”